First OWL Wisdom Circle!


On Sunday, May 5, we launched the first One World Lights Wisdom Circle, at the home of Wendy and me in El Granada, California. This is a very exciting milestone for us, a small beginning to the big vision: of 1,000 Wisdom Circles around the world!

A meta-purpose of this first circle is to use our own experience as a laboratory for fine tuning a Wisdom Circle template to share with our fellow Global Citizens around the world as they create their own Wisdom Circles. This includes the OWL Wisdom Circle 1 blog, where we will “circle-source” the record of our journey and lessons learned along the way. As other OWL Wisdom Circles form, I look forward to their blogs as well, as we begin sharing our stories and learning globally.

4 thoughts on “First OWL Wisdom Circle!

  1. A warm ‘hello’ from France! Beautiful idea! Were you inspired by the books of Jean S. Bolen? With love, Sophie

    1. Sophie,

      A warm hello back from California! Thank you for your comment. And no, I had not heard of Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen until you introduced me. Wow — the Millionth Circle — tremendous! I’ve been in contact with facilitators and authors involved with circles, and read books. I’ve been leading circles in one form or another most of my life. And all the while, here’s Jean S. Bolen leading an initiative for 1,000,000 circles!

      It does seem as if there is an archetype that is emerging in human consciousness at this time that is emerging spontaneously all over the world.

      I’ve just contacted you on Facebook. Let’s get in touch!

  2. What a fabulous idea. I teach Humanities and always stress the fact that we’re members of the human race, part of a global (albeit sometimes dysfunctional) family. Looking forward to being a part your circle.

    1. Ursula,

      Great to hear from you! Are you a professor at TCC? I’d be interested in learning more about your work there. It would be great to have a circle at the Community College!

      If you’re interested in being part of our community, please sign-up at and tell us a little about yourself if you like. Then we can take it from there.

      All the best!

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