Smiles on the Trail

Misty grey morning on the Coastal Trail. A cold wind is blowing in from the ocean and I’m shivering in my jacket.

Every once in a while the shape of a person emerges from the mist. A middle-aged woman in a running outfit, jogging. Teenagers with backpacks, running. An old man in a grey cap walking slowly, carefully. An old woman with a cane, walking her dog. I can see that each person is also a little chilly. We all share that.

I decide to smile at each person I meet this morning when they get close enough. Nice to meet you, I say silently. Isn’t it wonderful to be sharing this amazing space? People smile back at me. Some look surprised. Others look like they’ve been ready for a while to meet someone to share a smile with.

Each smile ignites another. It feels like walking with a candle and lighting other candles along the way. In both directions, north and south, the trail is now lit up with smiles.

4 thoughts on “Smiles on the Trail

  1. Beautiful imagery–thanks for the virtual walk with you this morning through the mist! Look forward to “real” walks in Ashland while you are here. Lucy too!
    Love, Kay

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