An Ordinary Day

sf-1My family and friends and I are enjoying a day together in San Francisco. Business people, homeless people, young artists and techie types, school kids on their way to the BART stations, people of every race and ethnic background — the life of the city swirls around us, everyone living their lives on an ordinary day.

A building in the background seems to be swaying. Do you see this this? I ask the others. Then I see a second building swaying, and a third. No one notices; no one is paying attention.

Let’s do something, I say. Let’s get out of here. No one answers. Someone has turned off the sound and made our bodies sluggish. Where can we go? In one direction a building is falling; in another a freeway is collapsing. How much longer do we have to save ourselves? Our feet are stuck to the pavement.

I wake up from the dream, and look at the news headlines over breakfast. America’s first default is two days away.

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