2015 Road Trip: Getting the Message

June 23, 2015

To do my writing today I go to the highest place at Cape Perpetua, with a grand view of the world around me. From here I can see it all, ready to receive some wisdom, some insight, some flash of truth, turn it into elegantly simple language, and upload it for everyone to read.

I’m ready to go!

Three hours later I’m feeling totally defeated. Nothing happened. Nada. Not a word. A wasted morning it seemed.

I decide to walk a humbler path, toward the sea. I give up, I say, let’s just take a walk.

I look down and notice something at my feet, only two inches high.

Only then do I see you, looking out at me from everywhere.
You’ve been here the whole time.

Ready to melt my heart.

Ready to greet me with a thousand faces.

One thought on “2015 Road Trip: Getting the Message

  1. Nu. We always forget these “beginner’s” lessons: If you’re too busy talking, you can’t listen. Thank G’ you got a beautiful reminder.

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