“Will it rain today?” I ask in our second year of drought.

“30%,” says the online weather forecast.

“Ask the clouds and wind,” says the sky.

“Listen!” says the ancient text:

Listen to my voice – the voice of all being, the voice of all life.
Love me and serve me with all your heart and all your soul.
Then the rains will come in due season to water your land,
and you will eat and be satisfied.

Guard yourself from twisting your heart to serve other gods,
the ones who will make you deaf and blind to me,
the ones who will shut down heaven and shut down the rain.
Then the earth will no longer yield produce,
and you will perish quickly.

Connect these words with your eyes (what you see).
Connect these words with you hands (what you do).
So you and your children can live abundant days on the land I gave you
like days of heaven on earth.

(Words based on Deutoronomy 11:13-21)

“Will it rain today?” I ask my friends and neighbors.

“Will it rain today?” I ask my children.

“Will it rain today?” I ask my brothers and sisters everywhere.

I wait to find out.

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