2 thoughts on “Road Trip 2019: Day 1

  1. Shalom Aryae,
    As you are on your annual road trip,, May ha shem bestow blessings upon you: the joy of being, walking, resting amongst the trees and streams, in the mountains and on the coast. May you be safe and at peace throughout your journey.
    Years ago, in the late 70’s, I was with Reb Zalman z”l and a few others. I drove all of us to Ocean Beach SF to see the sunset. I remember Reb Zalman z”l, saying, “the sunset is G-d punctuating time.”

    During are own davennen time at our June Torah Circle , I went downstairs and outside to be with the beautiful Iris in your photo. I was in awe when we walked near it coming into your house.
    When I looked at it closely, I felt what Heschel z”l calls “Radical Amazment.”
    I was standing in front of a Treasure
    that will soon be gone. I will add it to my treasure chest beautiful memories.

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