Late afternoon in autumn and the garden is going dormant,
as though nature is reaching her natural limits with the waning sun.
But you, showering us with lemons
like a treeful of shining suns,
seem oblivious.

As we schedule our doctor appointments, review our retirement budgets,
watch our friends get sick and die,
learn the news of the world and mourn our losses,
limits fence in our lives.

But your lemons are limitless.
So is love.
So are the sunrise and sunset, the sound of rain, the smell of flowers.
So are the goodness and kindness of the human heart.

What can we do with limitless lemons?

I will give my love a bowlful on our anniversary,
and a smile, and a long hug, and love that will never end.

The only way I can receive your lemons is to pass them on.

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