Road Trip 2019: Day 3

Your roots are deep and your trunk is strong.
But when the storms howled in,
the ones that blow fiercer each year,
to tear out your branches,
the ones you once spread to shelter your friends,
there was no one to shelter you.

I put my arms around what is left of your trunk,
and feel the life still pulsing in you,
in rhythm with the heartbeats pulsing in me, like prayers.

At the tips of your branches
little green shoots are reaching out toward the sun.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip 2019: Day 3

  1. Dear Arye
    I’m blown away by your beautiful photo of the moment you were in and the most poetic expressions of the tree ….and who will shelter you? ….
    I would love a copy to hang on my wall.
    Please keep drinking in the natural world more and more.
    With love and blessings

    1. Dear Barbara,

      Thank you so much for your friendship as I wander through this year’s road trip of the imagination. Love and blessings back.


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