Road Trip Day 2: Bridge

Road Trip Day 2: Bridge

June 16, 2016

On the one side there’s the self I know and hang out with each day. Aryae, 72-year-old Jewish white guy, American, living with his wife and two cats in Half Moon Bay, self-identified global citizen on a mission.

On the other side there’s mystery. The hot season and the cold season, the wet season and the dry season. Drought and flood, fire and erosion, decaying old trees making new soil. Life and death. An unending food chain of all beings feeding each other from one generation to the next. No isolated self and no boundaries, only interconnected flowing waves complex beyond human comprehension, in interwoven slow dances unfolding over centuries.

We humans are called to cross this bridge from time time to set down the heavy back-pack of the individual self. To renew ourselves. To renew life and our conscious connection with the source of life. To remember who we are.

Time to go now. The forest invites me. I want to get back to the camp site before dark.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Day 2: Bridge

  1. Dear Aryae,

    Your beautiful , full, rich expression of your experience and Truth, the truth of you and the natural world, and all of life, comes at a perfect moment of suffering, personally and the suffering of the planet.
    Thank you for taking us on your journey.

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