4 thoughts on “Road Trip 2019: Day 2

  1. Hi Aryae,
    Not knowing is a source of anxiety,
    discomfort, worry for many human beings. How wonderful it is that you
    feel “the thrill of not knowing, the thrill of walking into the fog.” Stay safe.
    And thank you for sharing your lovely photos and words of wisdom

    1. Thanks for asking Shoshana. Wendy’s been running a fever, which we thought might have been pneumonia (looks like it’s not) and needs help and care. And Adam has fractured his leg, had surgery and a steel plate installed, and is lying flat on his back at my ex-wife’s house. My daughter Noe, whom I was going to visit, is coming down from Portland to help care for him. Bottom line, it’s looking like I’ll be doing my vacation retreat and time in nature from my home base here at home. I’ll be doing my best to unplug from daily routines and commitments, and spend time each day writing, and hanging out in the forests here on the coast.

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