It’s unexpected on my daily walk at the water’s edge, this wedding party. Milling about on the sand at the harbor, everyone is waiting for the bride and groom.

I see them in my imagination. They’re young: she radiant and beautiful and excited in her bridal dress, he standing tall in his pressed dark suit, glancing at her, trying on the role of husband — as the photographer tries to maneuver them into a wedding album pose.

“Why?” I ask. In a world where we’ve unleashed powerful dark forces escalating beyond our control, this world that your children will inherit. A world where they will face challenges that we can’t even imagine.

“Love,” they answer, “and life itself.” And there’s something more, something beyond words, beyond time. Something I can’t understand but can only witness.

“I am your witness,” I say. “And I give you this ancient Hebrew blessing:”

Joy, great joy to these beloved companions
flowing from Your joy in all Your creatures
in the Garden of Eden at the beginning.

Later today I’ll be going to another wedding; two dear friends stepping up to marriage again at a different time of life. I will bless them as well.

We all need blessings from each other. May love prevail. May life prevail. May Peace Prevail on Earth.

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