Day 4: Road Trip of the Imagination

Okay, so now it’s a done deal for me: this year it’s a Road Trip of the Imagination. Home base each day: home. Why? Sometimes your family just needs you.

Daily agenda: Silence. Prayer and meditation. Tea. Writing. Wandering through wild places. A little inner travel; a little outer travel. Care giving as needed. Whatever else emerges. Time to laugh at it all. Gratitude.

I’m recalling a trail I walked last year, that guided me through the redwood forest. I’m still there, still here, still walking.

One thought on “Day 4: Road Trip of the Imagination

  1. Wendy’s being treated for suspected pneumonia. Adam’s flat on his back for a while after surgery for a fractured ankle. Noe, whom I visit in Portland each year on my road trip, is heading to Half Moon Bay to help take care of Adam. Bottom line: home base for me this year is home. ?

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