Summer Snapshot: The Guest

A guest shows up at my campsite and makes himself at home, scurrying around the bushes, pausing occasionally to check me out.

Nice to see you, I say. I’m happy to share my campsite with you.

The next morning he shows up again, and again I invite him to stay. Later, as I round up my things getting ready to leave, he watches.

Wait a second. He lives here. Who is the guest?

2 thoughts on “Summer Snapshot: The Guest

  1. Love the “one world” message here and the photo. The question “Who is the guest?” can be a profound one, as we strive to move past dualism. Thanks for sharing your renewing outdoor retreat. I breathe in the majesty of summer each time I read it. Love,

    1. Kay,

      Thank you. Your witnessing, and getting it, adds to the pleasure.

      We’re in Ashland this week. It’s smokey from local wildfires, but starting to clear up. Thinking of you in Ashland soon.

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