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OWL on VoiceAmerica Radio
OWL Global Citizen Kay Sandberg has been co-hosting a radio show this month on VoiceAmerica Internet Radio, called “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life.” She and the show’s host Kate Ebner interview people they select as visionary leaders. Kay herself was previously featured discussing her organization Global Force for Healing.

This week it was my turn, for an hour of Kay and Kate asking me about One World Lights, and how my life led me to the vision of this community. You can hear the entire interview on their web site at:

VoiceAmerica Internet Radio

If you’d prefer to listen in shorter segments, I’ve edited the show into four parts:

VoiceAmerica Interview Part 1
My story; how I came to do the work I’m doing today: Right Livelihood Workshops, the HR Forums, One World Lights. My experience of the spiritual revolution through the House of Love & Prayer and Meeting of the Ways. The power of circles.

VoiceAmerica Interview Part 2
A moment of discovery among Silicon Valley human resource leaders when “the circle was the teacher.” The role of “inn keeper” in designing and convening circles. How that applies to OWL. Example of best practices for bringing people together in circles. Relationship with local, face-to-face OWL circles, with the global, Internet based OWL community.

VoiceAmerica Interview Part 3
Biggest challenge for me in making the transition to OWL. How we can support each other as leaders in working through these kinds of challenges. The Silicon Valley experience of seeing big things happen quickly from humble beginnings. The importance of something simple and practical at the core of a big idea. Who has inspired me. Example of a partnership between a visionary corporation and a visionary social enterprise. The OWL vision.

VoiceAmerica Interview Part 4
The OWL vision in terms of numbers. How people can get involved. What does it means to be part of the spiritual revolution? What is spirit? Starting a wisdom circle.

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  1. Congratulations on OWL going public, Aryae! What a beautiful way to launch. Your interview was fantastic. Perhaps you want to host your own internet radio show as part of the movement you’re fostering? Mazeltov! Thank you for your presence on this month’s Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life. You embody both! With love, Kay S.

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